Ethical Medical Care

No question, CompassCare is different than many other crisis pregnancy centers. We pioneered and perfected the pro-life medical model. Each woman meets with a certified nurse, under medical oversight, and receives the full scope of care that she needs: ultrasounds, STD testing and treatment, nausea relief, and even abortion pill reversal. This simple way we refer to women seeking our help is key to our 20+ years of success in serving women and saving babies.

We are intentional about loving and dignifying each woman that comes to us for help. When a woman arrives she is greeted by a receptionist and welcomed into a clean and spacious medical office. She is brought to a medical exam room by a female nurse who reviews vital signs and confirms pregnancy and gestational age of the baby via ultrasound. After her appointment, a Care Coordinator provides her with a detailed list of community resources (including a pro-life OB/GYN) to ensure she is equipped to make a decision for life. All of that and 12 months of follow-up at no cost to her.

We make no apologies that we are Christian ministry. Every one of our nurses is trained to share the hope of the Gospel of Jesus with each patient. Last year 228 women said “Yes” to following Christ for the first time. So, in addition, we offer a Christ-following mentor to walk with this patient throughout the rest of her pregnancy.


Physical care. Emotional care. Spiritual care. A growing team of 20 RN’s on staff and two medical directors who oversee premium medical care. We do all of this at no charge to our patients.

That’s why we’re thankful you’re reading this! We know that we can only do what we do because pro-life people across the country have partnered with us in this ministry. Even though the pro-abortion providers in New York State and elsewhere are greatly incentivized by our tax dollars, we receive no funds from local, state or national government programs. We are asking you to consider a donation of $47.50 per month (or $570 per year). That’s the pro-rated cost to help one woman seriously considering abortion have her baby—from marketing through 12 months of follow-up care! You can make a tax-deductible donation below.

Help serve women and save babies.

As mentioned in a previous email, God is allowing CompassCare to have a national impact through our TeleCare platform. By the grace of God, pro-life pregnancy centers equipped with TeleCare, will soon be able to reach every woman in the U.S. who is considering an abortion through partners in all 50 states. We invite you to join our expanding efforts in providing ethical medical care to erase the need for abortion.

Serve Women. Save Babies. Never Stop.

Rev. Jim Harden, M.Div.

CompassCare CEO