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Email us at to be added to our list receive regular prayer requests from the exam room and join hundreds of fellow believers in prayer for these women.


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Invest your talents and time in tangibly turning the tide of abortion in Rochester by serving in various roles at CompassCare.

  1. PrayerNet: stand with us in prayer for the women that leave CompassCare still undecided about outcome of their pregnancy. Receive a regular email that alerts you to a need for prayer
  2. Ultrasound Models: If you are in your first trimester and would like a FREE ultrasound come and help CompassCare nurses as they are trained in ultrasound
  3. Advancement Department
    • Mission Connection
    • Event Logistics
  4. Marketing Department
    • Research Team
    • Creative Team
    • Production Team
  5. Finance Department
    • Finance Team
  6. Information Technology Department
    • Systems Administration Team
    • Outfacing IT Team
  7. Medical Department
    • Clinical Coordinator Team
    • Sonographer
    • Prayer Team

Staff/Volunteer Application: Buffalo | Rochester

Upcoming Events

Vision Tours

If you haven’t been on a Vision Tour and would like to see and hear firsthand how CompassCare is erasing the need for abortion in your community, reserve your spot today by emailing

What: Vision Tours are an information only presentation of the organization meant to give you an overview of CompassCare’s mission, vision, and current effectiveness as well as let you experience the process and services a patient goes through when she comes to CompassCare

Where: CompassCare’s Office (2024 W Henrietta Rd.)

When: Typically the 1st Saturday and 3rd Thursday of the month.

Who: Whoever would like to come! This can be an introduction for someone interested in CompassCare, an opportunity to ignite the passion of someone already connected, or a chance for someone to invite friends and family to get to know CompassCare. We want everybody to come on a Vision Tour at some point.

Tour Host Description: An individual passionate about erasing the need for abortion and willing to fill a Tour with folks from their circle of influence.

Raise Awareness

Help spread the mission and vision of CompassCare in your church and circle of influence by being a:

  1. Church Liaison: Engage and promote CompassCare events and activities at your church, particularly the Walk for Life in early May.
  2. Tour Host: Tour Hosts are people that are passionate about the mission of CompassCare and are interested in communicating and sharing that passion with their circle of influence. Reserve a CompassCare Vision Tour for your family, friends, and/or coworkers and give them an opportunity to see and hear firsthand how CompassCare is erasing the need for abortion in Rochester.
  3. Church Walker: Participate as a pledge-raising Walker in CompassCare’s annual Walk for Life in early May.
  4. Medical Liaison: Know a medical doctor, particularly OB/GYNs, that are interested in ethical and professional options for women facing unplanned pregnancies? Tell them about CompassCare!
  5. Facebook: “Like” the CompassCare Community page and get the most recent blog articles, newsletters, updates and events as they are posted.