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GivingTuesday Goal Surpassed by 32%!

Your GivingTuesday response rockets CompassCare toward a strong life-saving 2021. Amazingly, 40% of the $251,000 year-end goal arrived in one day!

The GivingTuesday goal was originally set at $75,300 and was surpassed by late afternoon. With another $5,000 in matching funds available, the goal was increased to $85,000. By midnight that new goal was exceeded again for a GivingTuesday grand total of $99,407!

$570 helps one woman seriously considering abortion have her baby.



Dramatic Increase in Charitable Tax Incentives for 2020 Only

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act provides a massive increase in tax deductions for charitable giving. Leverage your gifts in 2020 to save even more lives!

*Contributions in excess of your AGI can be applied for up to 5 years.

Ways to Give

Stock Donations

Many people give appreciated securities as a way to both save lives and avoid capital gains taxes. To quickly and conveniently donate securities, contact your brokerage firm or financial adviser and:

  1. Determine the amount of securities you’d like to donate.
  2. Provide your broker with the routing information listed below.
  3. Contact CompassCare for a donation receipt. Brokerage firms do not include the name of the donor when transferring securities.

Brokerage firm: TD Ameritrade
Account name: Crisis Pregnancy Service, Inc. dba CompassCare Pregnancy Services
Account number: 240396226
DTC number: 188
Federal Tax ID number: 16-1157181

IRA Charitable Rollover

If you are 70½ or older you can make a life-saving gift of up to $100,000, without paying federal income tax on the withdrawal. The gift must be directly routed from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to CompassCare. This unique gift structure also allows you to satisfy the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) without claiming it as income.

How it works:

  • You must be 70½ or older at the time the gift is made.
  • Request a direct transfer of funds from your IRA plan custodian to CompassCare to qualify as a tax-free gift.
  • Provide your plan custodian with the following routing information:
    • Account Name: Crisis Pregnancy Service, Inc. dba CompassCare Pregnancy Services
    • Nonprofit Tax ID Number: 16-1157181
  • Funds held in other plans such as a 401(k) or 403(b) plan are not eligible but may be rolled over to a standard IRA and then be used for a tax-free gift to charity.
  • Plan custodians do not always identify the donor, so please notify CompassCare when you donate.

Planned Giving

A planned gift gives you the opportunity to:

  • Provide support for yourself and your loved ones during and after your lifetime.
  • Ensure that there will always be a place for women facing unplanned pregnancy to receive ethical medical services and save their babies.
  • Reduce income taxes, capital gains taxes, and estate taxes

You can contact Tom Cribbs for more information or visit CompassCare’s Planned Giving Page.

Non-Cash Donations

CompassCare accepts various types of non-cash donations, such as vehicles, stock, gift cards, real estate, memorabilia, antiques etc. Contact Daniel Tomlinson at to make arrangements for your non-cash donation.

Online Donations

Give easily and securely online by credit card or check at the top of this page. You can make a one-time donation or set up a recurring schedule to give monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Employer Matching Programs

Many employers will match your gift through an Employer Matching Program. Check with your employer to see if they are one of hundreds of companies participating in these matching programs.

Mail a Check

Checks can be made out to “CompassCare” and mailed to:

CompassCare Pregnancy Services
2024 W Henrietta Rd. (6D)
Rochester, NY 14623-1361

CompassCare Pregnancy Services
1230 Eggert Rd.
Buffalo, NY 14226-4156

United Way

Consider participating in the Annual United Way Campaign. You will need to make a Donor Choice designation (ID #1169) on your pledge form every year in order for the money to reach CompassCare.

Amazon Smile

Sign up for Amazon Smile and 0.5% of your purchase goes directly to CompassCare. Just select CompassCare (it will appear as Crisis Pregnancy Services, Inc.) as your charitable organization.

*15 years ago it cost CompassCare approximately $350 to reach and serve a woman considering abortion. This no longer approximates the true cost. A recent analysis reveals it costs $570 for CompassCare to help one woman have her baby.